AGROPORT WEST LVIV 2020: one day in the Lviv agrarian region

Lviv city, Ukraine

The Rosenburg Farm became a participant in the XIII International AGROPORT WEST LVIV 2020 Farming Forum and became a nominee of the AGROPORT Awards «Best Agricultural Practices of Lviv Region» in the nomination «Horticulture».

AGROPORT brought together agrarians, regional authorities, foreign delegations from Poland, Belarus, the USA, market experts and companies providing technological and financial solutions for agribusiness.

The Forum consisted of three key components: business platform, communication platform and informal communication.

«From Lviv region we have started a new format within the framework of the new Agroport 2020-2030 strategy, which aims to create a national hub network with a center in each individual region. It is planned to expand the geography of Agroport to 12 regions in 2020», — said the General Manager of Agroport Ukraine Dmytro Titarenko.

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