Living the dream to plant fruits orchard together united the school of Ternava and Rosenburg Farm

Ternava village, Lviv region, Ukraine

The staff and pupils of the Ternava’ school have decided to revive the tradition of renewal and care for the school garden.

A long time, the school dreamed to join the nationwide campaign «Starting a School Garden» as the theme of ecology, organic, environment is an urgent than ever.

«Rosenburg Farm Family» gladly accepted the offer to join the holding of this event and decided to donate three varieties of apple saplings for planting. Also we have conducted the interactive workshop on «Urban Garden in your school. Plant your tree! » for all participants.

Children with great enthusiasm listened to every word of agriculturist, learned to properly plant trees, attended a lesson about the care of young garden and learned interesting things about modern methods of intensive industrial planting gardens.

Pupils planted 50 apple trees on the site of the school’s original orchard and promised us to take care and grow every tree.

Rosenburg Family is very happy that good idea was born by teachers and children’s of this school of this village, where our apple orchard is also growing. This event was the final in the spring of 2016 for Rosenburg Farm, because a few days before they finished landing their industrial orchard.

 We are pleased that, on its own example, we inspire the younger generation to revive horticulture, to lead a healthy life and to love their land and Ukraine!

Hope, that together we were able to create fruits garden which will be primarily educational, demonstration and recreation space. And also, we expect, it will be the place for reflection and inspiration for young ecologists and agronomists of this school and village.

Good luck to all, those create and grown this garden! Let forth abundant fruits and blooms!

 Let it be enthusiasm for noble deeds and ideas for anyone who come into this garden!

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