Natural product

In 2016 LLC «Farm» Rosenburg «successfully passed international certification ISO 22000: 2005 and NATIS: 2014.

Certification ISO 22000: 2005 is a reliable criterion that our production of apples and dried fruit meets international standards of quality — food safety (category: B, J).

Certification NATIS: 2014 certifies that our apples were checked for compliance with the essential requirements of the production / processing / labeling / marketing on a voluntary basis and may be labeled certification mark — NATURAL PRODUCT (natural product).

сертифікат якості анг

Production of «Rosenburg» recognized organic, natural and safe!

We are certified international company and therefore for us to open markets around the world !!!

We are pleased that plucked strength and patience is an Eco Gardening following principles that lead us to his dream:

  • ● garden «Rosenborg» gives health;
  • ● our employees are united by the idea of natural and fresh product;
  • ● a lot of work in the garden are performed manually so as not to cause damage to trees and soil;
  • ● we are open to their customers and everyone living in the style of «eco» and in harmony with nature;
  • ● We love our work!

Garden «Rosenburg» is located in ecologically clean area of Carpathians, in the area of forest, on the hillside Radic, protecting it from the wind, frost and soil degradation.

Apples «Rosenburg» — a natural product — grown, processed and packaged without synthetically created fertilizers, pesticides and genetic changes. Moreover, our apple trees grow on land that is at least 20 years have not been exposed to any chemicals!

ISO 22000 Eng NATIS End