«Rosenburg» Farm — it’s our family apple orchard that is located in the Carpathian village Rozeve in Lviv region.

Our apple orchard is located at the foot of mount Radych. In summer, trees are basking in the warm rays. And, in winter, that are hiding from the wind by the forest, which is growing on the other side of the mount.

«Rosenburg» Farm — the intensive industrial orchard in Western Ukraine which put about 12 000 trees, 8 selected varieties of apples. But, first of all, it is environmentally-pure and vitamin fruit grown with love for you!

The whole family we have been involved in planting and laying our orchard. We understood, only in this way we can achieve maximum results – appreciating each other’s work, realizing the difficulties of the case and the joy of success – the apple orchard will surely give us fruit and memories.

Here you can order both summer and winter varieties of apples.

You are Welcome! Glory to the Apple!

vil. Rosheve, Staryi Sambir district, Lviv region,
82046 Ukraine