Rosenburg Farm has joined the UKRSADPROM Association

Buchach city, Ternopil region, Ukraine. «Field and Garden Day» Festival

Joining the Association of «UKRSADPROM», the «Rosenburg Farm» has confirmed its readiness and willingness to work with professionals – the Ukrainian and the world’s fruit market leaders.

Лого УКРСАДПРОМWhat Membership Means to Us:

—  professional growth and development;

— desire to be at the epicenter of important agricultural events, legislative initiatives and horticulture development programs etc.;

— «hot pursuit» to follow the innovations in the software technology research solutions for agricultural sectors;

— opportunity to contribute to the development of the Association and gardening development in Ukraine.

We are grateful to be a part of «UKRSADPROM» Association and to join the best fruit growers of Ukraine! At the same time, it is a great honor and responsibility for us. It gives us strength, inspiration and enthusiasm to move forward in our common work!


 «UKRSADPROM» is the Association of the Ukrainian fruit farms, fruits and berries growers, manufacturers and suppliers of planting materials, agro machinery, equipment and raw materials, and natural food stores, and different agro organizations, etc.

MISSION of the ASSOCIATION is the protection of the interests of the fruit growers and fruit processing enterprises in the state authorities and abroad; promotion and development of horticulture and berry industry and healthy life style ( .

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