Brand «Rosenburg TM»

Developing brand «Rosenburg TM» we follow the principle and clear vision – being Ukrainian farmer is not only a challenge but also prestige and our.

We try to show in practices that growing fruit – it is a noble cause, helpful and even «delicious» thing.

Our goal is to draw the attention of Ukrainian and foreigners to our native Prykarpattya region. We show in practice that Lviv region may have powerful production value in growing fruit apples. We can profitable sell your apples in international markets – because they are delicious, natural and Ukrainian!

We inspire its approach to agrarian affairs other farmers in our region – agricultural investment projects are profitable business. It is a noble cause, which necessarily will bear fruit! It is worth to buy Ukrainian apples – they have grown in Love, for You, in Our Land!

We are inspired by Our Native Land! Every visit to our farm «Rosenburg» – this is not only exhausting hard work of many people, but also clearly an opportunity to touch the revival of horticulture in a given locality. It is happy people who truly love their jobs. It is blossoming apple orchard that thanks for the existence.

Brand «Rosenburg ТМ» – it is primarily our apple orchards; the opportunity to taste delicious apples; to breathe the smell of blooming trees;
to gather your own basket of fruit and to enjoy the forest walks.

Above all, it is the opportunity to create and to love your own history of travelling to this region.